Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiger's game June 3, 2012

 Waiting for Aunt Robyn and Uncle Steve to park the vehicles.  Grant, Jackson and Amber
 leaving the game on Reno's shoulders
 Waiting for the game to start
 Mom and my first Tiger game
 At the end of the game.  Logan wearing his Brave's jacket
Taking Uncle Steve to the T-ball before the game

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Wow, I can't believe how lazy I have been with blogging for the family and friends to stay up on the family.  It should be obvious that there will be more information and pictures of Jackson as his is 3 and learning new things daily.  The next youngest is G at 19 and while there is stuff to share on him and Logan and Amber, I am not there as much to know what to post, at least not as it happens.

So, it has basically been a year!  Start with the health of the family
Weekend before the 4th of July Emily and I are checking out some garage sales and mom was going to go to Redi-Care because of intense abdominal pain.  I get back into my car, check my phone and there is a message from Mom saying she is sitting in the ER, not sure if she was going to be admitted!  She was there for a week because of an abscess on her liver!!!  In the fall Dad learned his heart is arrhythmic which though the trials of helping he became very lethargic, easily fatigued and lost muscle mass.  He has had the greatest success with basically having his heart shocked but still needs to be diligent of how he feels.  October Sue has neck surgery and had to wear a Miami J (hard) collar for 6 weeks.  She was able to go without it on as she felt comfortable in time for Christmas.  Meanwhile, after that one big snow storm, Mom slipped in the drive way on black ice and ended up with a hairline fracture of the right wrist that required a cast.  Then as she was getting therapy post cast removal, her dermatologist had her putting a chemical lotion on her face and neck for checking skin cancer.  Well, the results are great but she was miserable during it.  Today we are doing well. 

It's been a year so now Jackson is 3, Grant is 19, Logan 20, Amber 25, Emily 26, Robyn 44, Steve 46, Sue 47, Mom 66 and Dad 69.  That's right, the big 70 is in 22 days!

Steve got a job with great benefits but commutes to Grand Rapids.  I'm sure it wasn't easy getting back into commuting and having a schedule. 

Emily is still managing at Ukai full time and going to LCC full time while raising Jackson and in a committed relationship (which is often like having a 2nd child). 

Robyn is still working for Integrity Rehab Services at Dimondale Nursing Care Center.  However, from June to December she was traveling for the company to  Bay City, Saginaw and Mayville up to 4x/wk.  Put A LOT of miles on a new 2011 GMC Terrain.

Amber was in a rollover accident 2 days before Christmas and came out of it with minor bruises.  We are very lucky. 

Logan is a Junior at MSU, living with 3 buddy's, paying his bills from working hard all summer with 2 jobs and continuing to work at Jackson National during school. 

Grant is in his sophomore year at LCC with his baseball scholarship.  He has started checking out other colleges/universities for his remaining years. 

Mom and Dad just got back last week from their annual vacation which this year was back at the same resort in Cozumel that they went to when Steve and Sue joined them. 

So, that is the basic update.  Pictures to follow soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jackson's first black eye

so on Thursday, 3/17.11, Jackson got his first black on at Grandma and Grandpa's.  For some reason he suddenly thought he could just walk off the couch, fell and hit his eye on the small wooden rocker.  His eye was so swollen Friday morning was it barely opened.  But apparently didn't hurt because he would rub it without saying anything.

This is the eye Saturday night so not so bad . . .
I thought he looked like a thug with the cap on :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cabo 2/2011

So, Mom and Dad went on their annual February vacation with Johnstone distribution.   As always they had fun and relaxation though for the first time they had left a carry on at the airport (each thought the other had it).  They actually went to the local Sams club (or maybe it was Walmart) to replace what was in there and then got a call that it was at the airport waiting for them but they had to go there in person to claim them.

here are a few of the pictures.  First 3 are from a boat tour

 The resort (that's Dad to the right)

 Zipline with Cal and Mary (owners of Johstone)
 He is a pro now 
 Smile Mom!
 What team work after 47 years together

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big Boys

Last Thursday, 3.3.11, Grant went with his LCC baseball team to Virginia in basically a school bus for Spring Training.  Had his first scrimmage game that Sunday and got his first home run!!!!  He will still be #15 too!

Then on Monday, 3.7.11 (Mom and Dad's 47th anniversary), Logan flew out to Cancun!!

Both are doing well with school . . . so I am told :-)

We are all looking forward to watching baseball game.  Grant playing 1st and pitching, Steve and Logan coaching.  Coach Rademacher has already told Emily that he hopes she/we bring Jackson to some of the varsity games.  He was like the unofficial mascot.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jumpin' Jax

Jackson and I went to Jumpin' Jax for the first time Thursday and met with Caleb and Renee (Caleb is 1 year older but they are good play buddies).  Jackson fell asleep on the way there and so while we waited for them we went over to the other side of the building where there were some guys practicing baseball.  I figured this would help wake him up.  And the best part was, there was Grant!!!!

It didn't take long for Jackson and Caleb to get comfortable with going up the ladder and down the slide or through the maze by themselves, giving Renee and I a break.

The first 3 pictures are of the same inflatable

 this inflatable the boys entered on the right going through an obstacle, across the back, to the front, up a "ladder" and down the slide which is what Jackson is about to go down.  He isn't in this next picture.
 There he is!!!!!
Now some videos.  Again these are from the phone so I apologize for the angle

Jackson's first swim class

Jackson had his first swim lesson Saturday morning.  He was sooooo excited that in the morning while in the car he kept yelling "I wanna gooo!"  At first he was reluctant but within about 10 minutes was all about it.  They had the kids use beanies to throw and "swim" to them. Now, these were taken on my phone and from some reason, it rotates correctly to view on the phone (I didn't take the videos the long way of phone).
This is where the kids stood on the edge of the pool, sang Jack be nibble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over a candle stick.  1 2 3 then jumped.  
This was while waiting for the babies to be done